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Astro Numerologist Acharya Shefali Sharma

Acharya Shefali Sharma is one of the gleaming names in astrology, and for the last 5 years, she has been helping thousands of people with her expert knowledge and expertise in the field of astrology and numerology. She was born and brought up in Gurgaon, she has been working in the field of astrology since last 5 years professionally, however; she has her roots in astrology for years. She is a qualified Numerologist (Ank -Jyotish Acharya) She did an Acharya course in numerology. As per Acharya Shefali Sharma, astrology is an ancient tradition which says that the character and destiny of human depend on the position of the stars at the moment of birth. Future is unpredictable, but through astrology, we can look into the future and prepare ourselves accordingly. She always has been fascinated by astrology and peeping in the future. While she was a kid, she used to listen to various Astrologers, Numerologists and watched their shows on TV. And ever since she was fascinated with the predictions and the method used by these expert astrologers, which made her inclined towards astrology and always wanted to be an astrologer. As a person Acharya Shefali Sharma is kind and helpful and always enjoy helping people, she gradually chose astrology to help people grappling in their lives through astrology, hence finally she took astrology as her profession. Ever since she is providing consultations initially started consultation from Delhi, Delhi NCR and Chandigarh. In her words, Astrology in simple words is comprehending something which is hidden based on certain calculations. Movement of planets and their effect on human life. I think Astrology is Science and art both. As per her astrology is a blessing for humanity, and her field of interest includes Numerology (Ank-Jyotish) while she has expertise in the Chaldean /Vedic Numerology. With this, she does predictions related to Marriage, Birth, Love Life, Job, Business, Health, Family, Name alteration for Individuals and Businesses. If you are also going through a tough time in your life then wait no longer and consult with Acharya Shefali Sharma, her expertise in the field of numerology and astrology will definitely help you reach your life goals and live a joyful life..



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